5 Ways Wheel of Fate Is A Dynamic Game

by | Sep 6, 2019 | Development

The most exciting thing about Wheel of Fate is the fact that it offers a dynamic gameplay experience. Perhaps you’ve come across the term before since the word dynamic gets thrown around a lot in the gaming industry. Even if you haven’t, I’m sure you’re all wondering how it plays out in our game. 

So let’s get into it.

We use the word dynamic to describe the ebb and flow of your gameplay experience. We have created a world that is constantly changing. As you play through Wheel of Fate, you will experience a range of different elements affecting everything from the ambience to the stats. This makes the game very exciting as you continue your journey and get further along your destined path.  We have set the stage with the town of Kismet’s Fall and the Temple of Fate with its Labyrinth the wheel changes the backdrops, lighting, actors, effects, props, and more!

Here are some of the ways Wheel of Fate is dynamic game:


  1. We have a lot of ambient changes in the game. These are things like lighting and weather  that will change in accordance with the Wheel spin. Our Wheel is based on the Zodiac which are grouped into elemental days. If, for example, you land on a fire spin, you will see a lot of orange and red lighting to give you that fiery atmosphere. If you land on wind, you may experience a lot of storms and weathering effects in addition to the lighting and colour changes. We have these ambient effects in both the town and in the dungeon, to give you an interesting and always-evolving atmosphere.

2. The dungeon crawling experience in Wheel of Fate is unique with the way the dungeon layouts change with every spin. Our dungeon is procedurally generated, giving you a variety of labyrinths, items, booby-traps and different enemies to keep you on your toes! 

3. In the town, you never know what you’re going to find! The shops in the town are filled with all kinds of items that change, making the shops’ inventory dynamic. Everything from weapons, potions, crafting materials and other valuable goods will change on each wheel spin. Keep checking your town’s stores each wheel spin!

4. The main narrative in Wheel of Fate will vary based on dialogue choices you’ve made along the way.  You will play a story that has a beginning and an end, but those choices you make mean so much more in the game.  The side quests, jobs, and repeatable content generated by the wheel is directly influenced by the choices made and actions taken throughout the game, but not in a predictable way. The side quests regenerate as you spin the wheel and change the fate of the world. This means that on some spins, you may be facing a goblin horde at your gates or perhaps an intellectual debate for you to settle. Maybe there will be a rare trader coming to town selling incredible items and much more. Our dynamic quest system will give you a chance to discover more secrets, learn about the lore and play through a story that’s personalized to you!

5. We have exciting buffs and debuffs in Wheel of Fate with effects that vary from spin to spin. While weapons and character abilities may have a variety of effects, the world changes elemental dominance constantly, which means such effects are often variable. A fire spin result will place more fire-based enemies in the dungeon, for example. So, if you have a water sword equipped you’re going to see a spike in your damage output. On the other hand, an air-based weapon will be inversely affected. You can never rely on a single battle plan or gear loadout throughout the game. You have to think about how your items fare against the enemies you are facing – enemies that change depending on the wheel spin you land on. This makes for a fun, strategic and dynamic battle experience.

There you have it! These are some of the core aspects of our game that make Wheel of Fate a highly dynamic experience for all players. We also have machine learning technology in the Wheel to ensure that these dynamic elements are personalized to the way you play.

If you would like to discuss the dynamic gameplay and chat with the game devs, join us on Discord!

-UDX Interactive Team


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