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by | Feb 19, 2021 | Community, Miscellaneous

Hello Everyone! 

As Andy Rooney stated, “Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness & growth occurs while you’re climbing it.” Similarly at UDX interactive, we firmly believe in taking the time to appreciate where you started from, your growth, and the support you received along the way to your accomplishment. Although, it’s nice to have a grand celebration at the completion of a large goal, it’s just as important to celebrate the milestones and more importantly to reflect on what has passed. 

Often times we end our blog posts and game updates with a piece of gratitude. Now that Wheel of Fate has officially launched this month with the Virgo 1.4.0 update, we wanted to specially thank all those that have supported Wheel of Fate through its development journey with a tribute video and some game studio history. There have been countless difficult decisions, events and issues that we have faced throughout the course of this project’s development ranging from the beginning concept to just about all other activities to date. Nights of endless debugging, days of QA game testing, and numerous meetings. However, we pulled through and are eternally grateful for all the support we have received these past few years. The support from our family, friends and the gaming community is what kept us going and made us happy to show up everyday to give it our all! 

For a bit of history regarding our game studio, UDX Interactive and the game development that took place for Wheel of Fate. Take a look at our historic timeline below:

To further illustrate just how far Wheel of Fate has come, check out our newest Youtube video showing the evolution of the game since its initial concept. 


I would like to reiterate that this is not the end for Wheel of Fate. Our team will still be active on all of our social media platforms for any questions or bug reports. In addition, we will be providing game support and occasional updates. We simply hope that our game development journey will inspire some of you to take the first step in either developing your own game or a different but equally meaningful journey. 




UDX Team

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