Virgo 1.4.0 Update

by | Feb 5, 2021 | Development, Events

Hello Fated and Fateless alike! 

The lands throughout Providence have been reawakened after an age of ice. As the frost bleeds into the Earth and revitalizes sleeping energy to bring forth a new reign of Virgo… 

The Virgo 1.4.0 Update is LIVE and Wheel of Fate has officially launched! Be sure to get it now during its official launch sale! 

Without further ado, take a look at the changes featured in our final Virgo 1.4.0 Update. 




  • Added new basic quests/jobs
  • Added highlights for completed quests 
  • Updated quest journal descriptions
  • Cleaned up quest UI
  • Adjusted side quest icons above NPC heads
  • Added Kazen companion quest
  • Updated side notification system
  • Fixed issues with NPC quest markers


Crafting updates

  • New crafting system with new recipes that reflect crafting components better
  • Added recipes that can be purchased in shops
  • Added Enchant Catalyst item so the player can enchant their own items 



  • Town hall decorations update
  • Town hall unlockable achievements update
  • Fixed issues with town members not staying dead or jailed
  • Added more town hall armour holders 
  • Removed weather effects while inside of buildings
  • Removed inconsistent townsfolk dialogues at game start
  • Added nighttime skybox
  • Removed ability to generate ingots while paused



  • Added visuals for various item pickups
  • Adjusted clipping flowers in Kismet’s Fall forest 
  • Added loot to Kismet’s Fall forest
  • Adjusted collision points in labyrinth


Game interface

  • Upgrade UI 
  • Updated level up system for clarity 
  • Controls customization menu can now be exited with ESC
  • Journal can now be exited with ESC
  • Cleaned up transitions throughout the game
  • Updated tutorial images with new interface
  • Updated sound banks
  • Updated pop ups when hovering over items 
  • Removed mouse visibility when using controller
  • Updated AR interface to be more clear when to press
  • Updated pause menu and wheel cutscene to make things easier to read
  • Increased town management cursor speed
  • Fixed issue responding to multiple inputs at the same time
  • Made player’s lamp show in dungeons and never inside
  • Fixed inventory HP cutting off



  • Added stun effect to Disarming Strike
  • Fixed issues with poison, burn, confusion and knockback
  • Added different camera angles to combat
  • Added lights to wall in battle scene
  • Added better loot for boss chests
  • Updated effects of skills such as poison, knockback, confuse, daze, etc.
  • Fixed issue where combo attacks would continue after enemy is defeated
  • Adjusted boss aggro
  • Included cast time in battle UI
  • Cleaned up end of battle screen
  • Multiplied health levelup boosts by 10
  • Shrunk health rings in combat



  • Added ‘Scroll of Recall’ with ability to teleport to dungeon entrance
  • Removed unusable ‘Hell Demon Horn’ item


Bug fixes

  • Adjusted dialogue scene animation 
  • Fixed town invasion bug causing game to freeze 
  • Fixed town hall chest and inventory bug
  • Fixed bugs with Otto while in the sewers
  • Fixed sewer bomb quest bugs 
  • Fixed mayor tutorial bugs
  • Fixed fast travel issues
  • Fixed inventory pop up bug
  • Fixed barks blocking cutscene dialogue
  • Fixed music cutting out
  • Fixed wind push back bug 
  • Fixed game crash during squabble fights
  • Fixed overlapping characters in inventory menu
  • Fixed speed bar inconsistencies
  • Fixed menu bugs when using controller
  • Fixed falling speed inconsistencies
  • Fixed NPC interaction
  • Fixed NPC movement inconsistencies
  • Fixed flicking texture on foundry
  • Fixed battle choice selection inconsistencies
  • Fixed crafting bug which resulted in cloning items
  • Fixed double-clicking on item issues
  • Spider enemy VFX adjustment
  • Fixed issues with town navmesh and colliders
  • Fixed issues with monster elements
  • Fixed issues linking NPCs to jobs
  • Weapon stands not displaying properly bug
  • Removed maximum 500 transfer limit
  • Townsfolk AI cleanup
  • Added motion blur to wheel spin cutscene
  • Fixed some game settings variables that didn’t set or save properly
  • Fixed issues with menu navigation
  • Fixed inconsistent levelup numbers
  • Fixed lag spike before cutscenes
  • Fixed inability to open Fate Watch in dungeon
  • Fixed issues with town management tutorial section
  • Fixed unbuilt barricades still stopping invaders bug
  • Added ability to skip end cutscene



Now just because this is our official launch and ‘final’ update does not mean that we will no longer be supporting the game. In fact, we will still be active on all of our social media, discord and steam to help and provide support! If you have any questions, feel free to ask us so that we can address them and clarify our update notes as needed. 

Once again, thank you for continuing to support and follow the development of Wheel of Fate and we hope you enjoy our game’s launch edition. Looking forward to sharing our next big announcement with you all! 




UDX Team

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