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Wheel Of Fate – Game

A dynamic RPG coming soon to PC / Steam – View The Trailer:

In the ancient world of Providence, a hero must rise.
The Wheel of Fate has chosen you as its Avatar to embark on a journey where fates collide.
Discover a world that changes around you with each spin of the wheel.

Wheel of Fate is a turn-based RPG offering a dynamic gameplay experience. It uses artificial intelligence to facilitate an exciting, rich and fluid world that adapts to your play-style for a personalized experience.

Wheel of Fate is the RPG that will alter your reality!
How will you spin your destiny?

A selection of screen shots above show the exciting and varied possibilities that the Wheel Of Fate game offers players.

Latest News About Wheel Of Fate

Greek Mythology or Geek Mythology?

Greek Mythology or Geek Mythology?

It all started back in 2016 when I approached my friend Daniel who wanted to create his own video game. Little did I know what Fate had in store for me when we started laying down the foundations to...

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Using Artificial Intelligence in an RPG

Using Artificial Intelligence in an RPG

When you hear the term "AI", what pops into mind? Robots? Androids? The protagonist of Ex Machina? Well, in Wheel of Fate, we've got something really different going on here. Obviously, the game is...

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The Inspiration & Style of Wheel of Fate

The Inspiration & Style of Wheel of Fate

Let’s talk a little about the inspiration and writing style behind Wheel of Fate.  For starters, our setting is the world of Providence; an easily identifiable fantasy setting in many regards; there...

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Ashar: Curious, open-minded and industrious, the “Scattered People” can be found all over Providence carving out a prosperous future for themselves side by side with other mortal races.

Ikara: An avian species with brightly-colored feathers, the “People of the Skies” observe the world of Providence from the top of their mountain kingdom; waiting for the right moment to play their part in the coming events.

Rovar: Survivors who have endured endless hardships, the “People of the Plains” are peaceful and wise; but threaten the sanctity of their homeland and the beast within is unleashed, ready to strike at their foes with uncanny brutality.

Veikar: With a history lost in the mists of time, the “First People” are a proud and strong race, the steadfast defenders of ancient legacies and unbridled freedom.

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