UDX Interactive Inc.
Based in Vaughan, Ontario

Release date:
27 Mar, 2020

PC Windows 10


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Wheel of Fate is a single player, 3D fantasy RPG for PC that uses artificial intelligence to adapt the gameplay to player choices.  Players get their own game experience each time as the Artificial Intelligence learns and adapts the game to their decisions. The machine learning mechanic ensures players enjoy an ever-changing RPG as Quests, Difficulty, NPCs, Stores, Maps, Dialogue, Easter Eggs, Etc may change with each wheel spin. 1st Chapter now available in Early Access on Steam with 4 more chapters planned. Plot summary: Fate is the force keeping order in the universe. An Affliction is destroying order by severing Fate’s connection to the universe. To save the world, the player must spin the Wheel of Fate to change the world; battling through new paths opened with each spin, and discovering the power to end the Affliction.



  • Artificial Intelligence Wheel adapting the world to player choices.
  • Strategic turn-based combat with initiative turn system.
  • Active Response Battle system allows for engaging turn based combat that keeps you on your toes.
  • Manage and defend Kismet’s Fall as the protector, upgrade buildings and prepare for sieges.
  • Procedural Dungeons that adapt to the wheel spins.
  • Build and customize your home in Kismet’s Fall.
  • Rich story that ties your actions to the outcomes of fate.
  • Craft items, weapons, and armor to head into battle.
  • Billions of gear combinations, build your character how you want.


Wheel of Fate (Early Access Launch Trailer) YouTube

Wheel of Fate Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner of the Best Indie RPG" Dreamhack Anaheim, 2020
  • "Top 32" Games Week Digital Dev Booster, 2020
  • "Finalist" Ubisoft Indie Series, 2019

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UDX Interactive is an independent game studio located in Vaughan, Ontario. We decided to craft games that we love to play. To achieve that, we believe individuals need the right balance of expression and team goals to create passion. Rewarding passion translates into motivation. With motivation and passion balanced, the best games can be created. Taking the best games then engaging the players early and often in development, builds a community. An engaged community playing together is what we define as being successful. At UDX, we want to be successful.

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UDX Interactive Inc.
Developer and Publisher

Gamepill Inc.


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