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Based in Vaughan, Ontario

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27 Mar, 2020

PC Windows 10


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Wheel of Fate immerses you in the best of old school single-player fantasy RPGs. It brings along a modern take on classic graphics with a breakthrough AI adapting the world to the player. This unique blend of nostalgia and innovation offers players an ever-changing adventure and a new way to experience a role-playing game. Plot: Fate is the force that connects all beings, maintaining order in the universe, while an ancient enemy known as The Affliction thrives on chaos. As it spreads throughout the cosmos it severs the threads of Fate’s connection, turning those it infects into deranged beings known as The Fateless. And in this battle, The Affliction is winning. So, The Wheel of Fate must pull back its shroud and reveal itself in the land of Providence and choose an Avatar to act through; a champion to fight the Fateless hordes and find the secret to defeating the Affliction. The Wheel of Fate has chosen you. But if that all wasn’t enough, Wheel of Fate raises the bar yet again by including hidden easter eggs everywhere! Rewarding those curious folks who explore is another part of what makes Wheel of Fate so engaging and fun, and true to form many of the easter eggs have their start in retro games and pop culture from the 80’s and 90’s.


The concept for Wheel of Fate grew from the desire to create an immersive single player RPG with a personalized story that changes each time you play, meaning no more spoilers and the potential for countless playthroughs that are all unique. Combining RNG knowledge with machine learning is how Wheel of Fate was born!


  • Get all the cool RPG stuff like leveling, classes, dungeons, quests, equipment, and crafting!
  • Gameplay changes and adapts depending on your decisions, so choose wisely! Come at the game from a totally different angle next time and watch the world adjust.
  • Ultra-cool dungeon master AI that adapts the game to you.
  • Classic turn-based combat with an Active Response Battle system - it’s a click-time enhancement so your well-honed gamer reflexes already gives you an advantage
  • Kismet’s Fall will become your town to manage and defend. Upgrade buildings and prepare for sieges.
  • Build and customize your home in Kismet’s Fall.
  • Speaking of Kismet’s Fall - get your own digs! Build and customize your own home.
  • New dungeons that are procedurally created every time the wheel is spun.
  • All important and thrilling side quests that you won’t want to miss - because who doesn’t need a little more loot?
  • Loot you say? With billions of gear combinations, build your character how you want!


Wheel of Fate (Official Launch Trailer) YouTube

Wheel of Fate (Short Trailer) YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner of the Best Indie RPG" Dreamhack Anaheim, 2020
  • "Top 32" Games Week Digital Dev Booster, 2020
  • "Finalist" Ubisoft Indie Series, 2019

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UDX Interactive is an independent game studio located in Vaughan, Ontario. We decided to craft games that we love to play. To achieve that, we believe individuals need the right balance of expression and team goals to create passion. Rewarding passion translates into motivation. With motivation and passion balanced, the best games can be created. Taking the best games then engaging the players early and often in development, builds a community. An engaged community playing together is what we define as being successful. At UDX, we want to be successful.

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UDX Interactive Inc.
Developer and Publisher

Gamepill Inc.


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