Greek Mythology or Geek Mythology?

by | Oct 7, 2019 | Miscellaneous

It all started back in 2016 when I approached my friend Daniel who wanted to create his own video game. Little did I know what Fate had in store for me when we started laying down the foundations to the world of Providence. A lot of things have happened since then and Providence went through many changes as the story evolved; but one element that has remained present throughout this evolution is the Zodiacs.

The Zodiacs play a special role in Providence’s history, as befits a game centered on Fate. Unlike our world, the influence of the Zodiacs on Providence is very real and their very presence in the skies is a constant reminder to the denizens of Providence of the dark Fate that awaits their world. The Zodiacs are doomed worlds cut from Fate’s influence as well as the birthplace of the Fateless Overlords; among the most powerful foes in the game. Their culture and history borrow heavily from Greek mythology; much like our own astrology. Common elements such as Centaurs, Satyr and Cyclopes were even present in the first drafts of the story. While no longer part of the game, they have survived in the form of Easter eggs and other obscure fragments of lore; waiting to be discovered by the most shrewd adventurers.

Looking back on the experience made me realize how much influence Greek mythology has, not only in Wheel of Fate, but in our culture in general. Movies like Troy, Clash of the Titans and Wonder Woman; games like Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, the God of War series and Kid Icarus; as well as animated shows like Ulysses 31 and The Mighty Hercules all draw their inspiration from Greek myths in some form or another. I had an amazing time researching these timeless stories and weaving them in the tapestry of Wheel of Fate; adding little landmarks that make the strange world of Providence feel a little more familiar.

May the Wheel spin in your favor,

François, Narrative Writer

UDX Interactive


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