How does the A.I. work?

by | Oct 30, 2020 | Development

Salutations everyone! 

Good news! As most of you know from our Development roadmap, we have the Cancer 1.2.0 update coming up. However, due to the hardworking game development team we’ll be releasing the Cancer and Leo update in a combined bulk Leo 1.3.0 update! This update is currently in testing!

In this game development highlight, we wanted to showcase the Wheel of Fate. More specifically, the A.I. technology that it utilizes to create and change the World of Providence that your avatar of fate must survive in. 

Without further ado, here’s a basic explanation on how the A.I. technology in Wheel of Fate works! 


Describe the process the Wheel of Fate AI utilizes to deliver content.


Essentially, the A.I. in Wheel of Fate determines what content to deliver based on the behavior it ‘learns’ when observing the player. 

  1. The cycle starts when the player makes a choice which is observed and recorded by the A.I.
  2. The choices the player makes will then update the adaptability matrix, which is the matrix of choices that adjusts the “chance” of something happening. Almost like a decision matrix.
  3. The matrix alters the probability of obtaining a certain outcome on the next fate spin. This altered probability assigns a weighted connection.
  4. The altered probability is fed into the neural nets of the AI to process. Neural nets are basically the A.I.’s brain which operates similarly to the human brain. They allow the A.I. to solve problems or make decisions as well as improve by learning. The nets are layered to act as filters for information and utilize weighted connections to determine an output, the content.
  5. The A.I. chooses the appropriate content to deliver based on the information available and stored in its neural nets. Content can span from quests, gear, dungeons, monsters and many more game features.
  6. The game changes based on the content chosen by the A.I.
  7. Then the cycle repeats itself. The more you play, the more the AI learns about you and continually adapts the game experience. 

We hope you enjoyed our brief explanation on the inner workings of Wheel of Fate’s AI technology. In the meantime, get excited for our upcoming update where we will be implementing the talking A.I. and new building graphics! 


UDX Team

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