Leo Development Update 1.3.0 LIVE

by | Nov 13, 2020 | Development

Greetings followers of fate!

The wheel continues to spin restlessly as it continues to seek a fate where the hands of the fateless god can no longer reach the World of Providence. These woven threads of fate have now intertwined Cancer’s reign into Leo’s realm! 

Experience both depth and power as this turning of the wheel sets the world aflame with the powerful scorching sun of Leo! This powerful update will be combining elements of both the Cancer 1.2.0 and Leo 1.3.0 update and as with the season of Cancer, we value depth… high ‘depth’-finition graphics! 

We primarily focused on improving the graphics of the game and we have now implemented the talking A.I! Not to say that this is the only thing we’ve been working on! Take a look at the features and highlights that the energies of Cancer and Leo brings for Wheel of Fate! 


Town updates

  • Implemented new building models 
  • Changed upgrades for town
  • Changed signs for buildings
  • Changed lantern positions and lighting 
  • Updated navmesh, the walkable ground in town
  • Updated town decorations
  • Improved textures and graphics
  • Adjusted entrances for the tavern 
  • Adjusted spacing of furniture
  • Removed Lumber Mill as a placeable building
  • Changed stores to have interactable tables out front

Sewer updates

  • Shrunk the size of the sewer significantly
  • Fixed various collision issues

A.I. updates

  • Artificial intelligence algorithms updated
  • Implemented talking A.I.
  • Wheel of Fate provides unique commentary and dialogue based on game choices and events.
  • Adjusted player collision points with Wheel of Fate

Interface updates

  • All fonts changed in user interface
  • Adjusted text in skills menu
  • Cleaned up inventory menu 
  • Cleaned up skills menu 
  • Adding informational prompts for when player cannot spin wheel
  • Adjusted dialogue scene text and box texts
  • Added post-processing effects for Wheel of Fate dialogue and scenes
  • Cleaned up load screen performance
  • Adjusted sound and music transitions
  • Cleaned up transitions between scenes and game modes
  • Added delete file confirmation prompt

Battle updates

  • Adjusted attack and ability names displayed in combat
  • Enemy health rings are now shown for ally members as well
  • Added feature to turn on/off active-response system. It will not be possible to miss AR when the system is turned off but it will still run.
  • Added pause menu for combat
  • Adjusted skill points required for leveling skills
  • Adjusted combo attack animations to end after the enemy is defeated
  • Cleaned up camera movement
  • Cleaned up battle animations 

Character creation updates

  • Added new hair styles 
  • Updated character rotation feature
  • Added character face zoom

Bug fixes

  • Adjusted NPC animations and pathing
  • Fixed character pathing and collision points for terrain and buildings
  • Fixed collision issues with character, NPCs, enemies and items
  • Fixed item behavior bugs in inventory interactions
  • Fixed spawn points
  • Fixed overlapping texts
  • Fixed chests spawning with only gold and no items
  • Fixed red quest mark in sewers
  • Fixed incorrect skill casting, targeting, and critical hits
  • Fixed negative damage attacks
  • Fixed health and healing effects of items
  • Fixed weather in buildings bug
  • Fixed various navmesh issues
  • Fixed various z-fighting issues
  • Fixed inventory character display issues
  • Moved NPC barks to UI layer so that the environment doesn’t interfere
  • Various controller updates
  • Loading an autosave at the game’s beginning no longer forces the player to watch the opening again
  • Player no longer moves faster diagonally
  • Combat options can now be selected with the mouse
  • Fixed town management double cursor bug
  • Various quest journal fixes
  • Fixed townsfolk duplicating and reusing IDs


As we are now nearing the official release of Wheel of Fate, we plan to continue following up with the community, reviews and feedback we receive. We want this game to be as dynamic and immersive as possible for all of you. Thank you for your continued support and we hope you enjoy this latest update!




UDX Team

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