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by | Jan 8, 2021 | Community, Miscellaneous

Hello hello everyone!

With a new year comes new challenges and new year resolutions. Leading to a lot of us over committing while our motivation is high but not always following through to completing the goals we set for ourselves. It’s completely natural to get swept up in the high energy of new year resolutions so it’s nothing to be ashamed of since I’m guilty of this myself. 


To greet 2021 with a powerful start, we want to share with you some advice and a small push to taking that first step in following your dreams. 



Figure out your vision and your why

Have you ever been assigned a boring task and then shouted out in frustration, “What’s the point of this?!”. Then, you’ll know why ‘your why’ is important. Your vision is your end goal and it’s your reason that will drive you to keep working even when the going gets tough. Make sure you have that solid foundation. 


Find mentors and learn from history

There’s no point in putting in extra work for research or figuring out a strategy when you can rely on mentors or learn from other people’s experiences. Save yourself the trouble. Not only can you learn from mentors but they can give you advice directly based on your situation.


Plan your strategy and pathway 

Determine how you’ll complete your vision. What’s the general direction you have to go and the overall steps you’ll have to take? 


Set a timeline with realistic goals and measurements

Building off of your initial strategy and path, start branching it out into more and more specific steps. Then, set goals that you can track and measure effectively so that you can stay accountable.


Be persistent and prepared for setbacks

This involves preparing a plan for when you get off track or even planning in extra time in preparation for setbacks. 

Form your support group or figure out another method that will help you persist regardless of the adversities you face. 


Seek to challenge yourself and understand the importance of failure.

Growth is synonymous with change which requires you to challenge yourself with different situations, experiences and problems. We all have a comfort zone and unfortunately, we all have to step out of it eventually. 

I initially wanted to write “don’t fear failure” but that wouldn’t do my message justice because it’s not easy to just stop fearing something. It’s more important to understand that failure does not mean giving up but it is a message that there’s room for improvement or that you need to try a different approach. Notably, do not actively try to fail or expect failure but instead aim to be accepting when failure occurs. 


Realize fear will never go away

Similar to my earlier point, it’s impossible to stop fearing failure or anything at all. Courage is not having no fears but having the strength to face your fears. 



We hope that you found some of this advice useful or at the very least found more confidence in your ability to reach for the stars. Keep in mind that these tips can be applied to both the large scale of following your overall life’s dream or even just in accomplishing a goal you had for this month. Can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store for all of us! 



UDX Team

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