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by | Jul 24, 2020 | Community, Miscellaneous

Greetings triumphant heroes!

Time and time again the knowledge that the pen is mightier than the sword has been proclaimed and exhibited by the wise. One with both a myriad and mastery of knowledge can conquer the world.

Fate aims to guide you on the path of truth and the next destination on this path leads to a fountain of knowledge to aid in your journey. 

Enter the Wheel of Fate official game wiki for all your quest inquiries and game facts! Or check in at the wiki discussion board for unofficial activity to post conversations, questions and theories!

The wiki will feature an easy to access directory of general game information, character profiles, development updates, tips and more! As the game is still in beta release, our team will continuously work to build and revise the wiki with the most accurate information. No need to worry about spoilers in this wiki since the wheel of fate will keep us guessing on what’s to come next with its AI evolving game play. 

Not everyone is fortuitous enough to prevail in their journey to becoming the Avatar of fate. As a fellow adventurer, we encourage you to contribute to the wiki with your knowledge to help out those seeking guidance. 



UDX Team

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