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by | Jul 17, 2020 | Community, Miscellaneous

Hello fateful adventurers! 

We hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far and enjoying the radiance of the energetic summer sun. This week’s good fortune brings you an exciting notice for fortified community and new companionship…

We are now live on the reddit community! Join our official subreddit for all things related to Wheel of Fate such as game news, theories, development updates, discussions, questions, fan content, memes and more! 

Are you an expert redditor and fateful follower? Interested in becoming a moderator for the Wheel of Fate subreddit? Contact us on reddit u/UDXinteractive to help moderate and update the subreddit for the community. 

Here at UDX interactive, we are incredibly grateful to the supportive Wheel of Fate community. Similar to the Wheel altering fate based on your in game choices, we continue to evolve the game based on the community’s voice to bring you the best gameplay experience.  

Thank you for your continued contributions to the community and joining in our discussions! 



UDX Team

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