New Building Concept Art Reveal

by | Jul 10, 2020 | Development, Miscellaneous

Hello fated and fateless gamers!

As we enter the hottest month of the year, our game development efforts are also heating up to bring you the best AI game experience possible! 

Once again, Fate is smiling on you today as the Wheel prepares for it’s next turn. Here’s a sneak peak of concept art for the upcoming building redesigns we have planned for the next update.

In addition, we would like to announce that the updates road map will be getting revised to accommodate changes in our update schedule. Certain updates previously scheduled for August will now be included in this month’s build update.

Thank you for following and supporting the development of Wheel of Fate. Interested in joining in the game development chat? Join our discord server and meet many more game enthusiasts!



UDX Team

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