Gemini Development Update 1.1.0 LIVE

by | Aug 7, 2020 | Development

Hello spirited travelers!

Over and over the wheel of fate spins to bring unfamiliar and capricious transformation. As the seasons change, so does fate. The Gemini twins bring double the blessings with this vibrant update. During these hot summer months, the development of Wheel of Fate has been in full swing. 

The Gemini update 1.1.0 is now LIVE!

As Gemini energy balances their two sides, so does our team in the 1.1.0  update. We looked into balancing out game stats and adding features to the town’s management system. Check out below to see some features you can expect to change and highlights of the 1.1.0 update!

Improved graphics

  • Added motion blur for attacks in battle mode
  • Improved environment graphics
  • Updated the player stats visual while updating attributes level up.
  • Updated runes in bottom right console 
  • Cleaned up capitalization, grammar and spelling errors in dialogue.
  • Cleaned up town level graphics

Town defense 2.0 update

  • Added guards to fight the enemies
  • Added multiple enemy groups
  • Added indicator for multiple enemy attacks
  • Added more consequences and improved graphics for buildings attacked
  • Polished pathing and attack patterns for enemy NPCs

New townsfolk barks

  • Made Townsfolk barks unique to wheel spin and which section of the main quest line the player is in. 
  • Townsfolk barks are personalized to game play choices.
  • Updated timer on how long barks will display

Improved town management

  • Made Fengris, the town steward automatically assigned to Townhall and not removable.
  • Improved tool for assigning NPCs to shops.
  • Assigning NPCs to shops will now keep them in their homes.

Shop updates

  • Updated the store inventory display – old inventory is gone and items are now displayed on tables out front.
  • Fixed store floating items
  • Fixed Characters and NPCs blocking the store view
  • Added healing pot descriptions to show the healing %.

New Trinkets

  • Added a lot of new stat trinkets 


  • Balance changes to loot, XP, and equipment
  • Changed difficulty level for multiple encounters
  • Increased experience on multiple encounters


  • Cleaned up loading, spawning, and scene changes etc.
  • Fixed spawning underneath the town or in odd places.
  • Fixed music transitions between scenes and locations.
  • Fixed ‘stuck’ transitions when changing locations or scenes.


  • Main quest clean up
  • Made wheel spins unusable while in dungeons.
  • Added the feature to double click to equip
  • Added option to turn off helmet

Bug fixes

  • Made fate scrolls unusable until the first wheel spin to prevent major game play issues.
  • Fixed hover pop ups not disappearing.
  • Fixed bottom right console appearing during cutscenes
  • Fixed infinite fall state from being thrown from an elevator or jumping into a trap and being tossed into a fall scenario.
  • Fixed moving items into inventory with a controller.
  • Fixed collider issue with dungeon trap.

***8/8/2020 EDIT

  • Update 1.1.1 Released
    • Fixed bug – cut scene and player leaving the town resulted in the game freezing. 
  • Added clarifying points for Update 1.1.0 in sections:
    • Town Defense 2.0
    • New Townsfolk barks
    • Shop Updates

We’re hoping to continue designing the talking A.I. and polishing the game. In the meantime, we are continuing to look into fixing reported bugs and continue improving graphics. 

Got any feedback? Let us know! Any feedback from the community is greatly appreciated to make the most of our game development efforts! 


Thank you for your continued support in the development of Wheel of Fate. We hope to bring you some more news shortly! 



UDX Team

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