RPG Meme Contest

by | Sep 8, 2020 | Events

Hello everyone!
As summer comes to a close and the daylight gets shorter, we hope to bring you a little bit of sunshine and laughter with our latest announcement…


For September, we will be hosting a meme contest on our subreddit, r/wheeloffategame! The top monthly meme on our subreddit by September 21st at 12PM EDT will be crowned the winner and receive a Wheel of Fate steam key! Submit as many memes as you want to the subreddit for voting. 


Here’s how the contest will work!

  • The top ‘monthly’ meme on the subreddit by September 21st @12PM EDT wins.
  • Your meme must be submitted from Sept 8 – 21 to qualify for voting. No early starts!
  • Your meme must meet the submission requirements listed below.
  • You are allowed to cross-post to other subreddits and share your meme to get more upvotes. 
  • You can submit as many memes as you like.
  • Generic meme templates are allowed.


Submission requirements:

  • Meme must relate to the theme ‘RPG games’.
  • No offensive/edgy memes
  • No politics/religion/NSFW content
  • No sharing personal information


If you’re a guild member on our discord server, then please let us know what meme you submitted. You will gain one point for your guild per meme submission on the subreddit with a maximum of 5 points per day. 


Best of luck to all of you! We are so excited to see what great memes you come up with!

UDX Team