Talking A.I. Sneak Peak!

by | Sep 18, 2020 | Events

Hello Tech Enthusiasts!


As mentioned in our development roadmap, one of the upcoming features that we’ll be implementing in the Cancer 1.2.0 update is the Talking A.I. for the Wheel of Fate. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the many dialogues the Wheel of Fate will now have with the Avatar. 


Salutations Avatar! You are about to be blessed with the Earth’s boon. But beware of Persephone’s Fate.


What now? There’s dust everywhere! Looks like a storm hit this place!


You’ve spun me fast like a whirlpool! Are you ready for an epic adventure? This is going to be fun!


Might I suggest using gear better attuned to the current Zodiac.


“Water” you up to, Avatar? I feel a conflict of epic proportions approaching. Prepare yourself.


How can I help you today? Themis will assist you in achieving harmony. May it be the wind of change you seek. 


Not only are we adding the Talking A.I. but we have recently integrated and are testing the graphics upgrade for our buildings! Be excited for our upcoming Cancer 1.2.0 Update!

Thank you for following the game development of Wheel of Fate.



UDX Team

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