Official Launch Prize Raffle

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Community, Events

Hi Everyone!

In celebration of Wheel of Fate’s Official Launch in two weeks, we’re kicking things off by giving back to the community with an official launch prize raffle! 

Winners will have the chance to win a combination of prizes ranging from Wheel of Fate posters, hoodies and keys! The raffle officially starts at February 1st @ 12:00PM EST and will end on February 12th @12:00PM EST. To enter, go to THIS live tweet then follow @WheelofFateGame, like, and retweet! 


Unlike our previous raffles, this raffle will feature multiple winners and prizes up until the final Virgo 1.4.0 game update is released! We will be announcing a winners and prizes based on the following schedule listed below: 

  • Wednesday, Feb 3 @12:00PM EST – Prize: Wheel of Fate hoodie
  • Friday, Feb 5 @12:00PM EST – Prize: Wheel of Fate steam key 
  • Monday, Feb 8 @12:00PM EST – Prize: Wheel of Fate hoodie and poster
  • Wednesday, Feb 10 @12:00PM EST – Prize: Wheel of Fate steam key 
  • Friday, Feb 12 @12:00PM EST – Prize: Wheel of Fate steam key, hoodie and poster



UDX Team

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