The Next Frontier

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Hey everyone! 

Now that Wheel of Fate has officially launched, we wanted to address some questions regarding what’s next for our game studio, UDX Interactive and reflect on some of the key lessons learned from our experience developing Wheel of Fate. 

Wheel of Fate was the first game that we had officially launched for PC gaming. A single player RPG game that utilized AI technology to change the world based on your in-game decisions. As with any initial project, there were mistakes made, lessons to be learned, and things to celebrate.


What was the biggest challenge you faced during the development of Wheel of Fate?

One of the greatest challenges we faced during development was the realization that we had added way too many features than what was feasible. Wheel of Fate offered customization, dungeon grinding, crafting, town management, and numerous other excessive elements. Looking back now, we would have narrowed down the features and made the AI more front-end evident instead of in the foreground of development as this was a key interest point for a lot of the community. Ideally, the player would be able to see the AI, interact with it and witness how the AI does its magic. 


What were the most helpful lessons you learned from this project? 

For our first game ever launched, there is an extensive list of lessons learned from Wheel of Fate. Although one of the most important realizations is how important team synergy and focus is on a project. In general, game development is not easy. Utilizing a team is ideally supposed to make the project run more smoothly however, a team that does not have the same vision or focus can be just as detrimental. Similar to a horse carriage with its horses pulling all different directions. This is not to say that our team was a disorganized mess but more so emphasizing the importance of unifying the team’s vision. Let it be known that we are incredibly thankful for an amazing development team and grateful for their production. 


What was the most rewarding part of working on Wheel of Fate? 

The most rewarding aspect of developing Wheel of Fate has been the feeling of accomplishment in launching our first game. More incrementally, witnessing the AI working with our feedback for the first time and knowing that we made this happen. Specifically for myself, it was rewarding whenever I managed to win funding for our project after restless nights of completing applications. To see a project from concept to completion is an indescribable feeling. It shows that you have the capabilities to be a creator and the significance of your efforts. 


What advice would you give to other indie developers?

To any fellow indie developers reading this blog post right now, I would like to provide one piece of advice that I think is helpful to consider. It is easy to get swept up in motivational speeches or videos about following your dreams which can lead to overpromising on what can be delivered. You will be limited in creativity by how much financial resources, time and skill you have available. Try your best to limit your creativity to your resources and budget your resources to your creativity. Keep following your dreams but ensure you have that plan in place. 


The Next Frontier

What will happen to Wheel of Fate?

Wheel of Fate will continue to be available on Steam. We will continue to provide support for the game through community participation, fixing bugs and answering any other questions. Depending on interests, we will explore the idea of expanding the game. We have learned so much working together on Wheel of Fate and would be extremely excited and grateful for the opportunity to continue development. 


What’s next for UDX Interactive? 

There are actually two major projects that we will be focusing on now that Wheel of Fate has officially released.

For game projects, we have plans to develop a mobile game that utilizes AI technology. Unfortunately, we cannot reveal too much information about this just yet but be sure that we are looking forward to sharing this game with you in the near future. 

On the flipside of things, we have recently established ‘Full Motion Accelerator’, a consultant group of industry leaders providing assistance to Canadian indie video game developers. The idea for this group stemmed from my personal experience in the gaming industry and through my AMA sessions on reddit. In which, I’ve noticed there was a need for business management and funding help amongst game developers. We decided to form this group to help fellow indie developers get funded, navigate the Canadian indie scene and find more opportunities. 

Thank you for following us throughout our development journey. If you would like to continue supporting us for our next game then, feel free to join our discord server where we will be keeping you updated. For any interest in our Full Motion Accelerator group, feel free to join our other discord server, mailing list or follow us on social media (@fullmotionio). 




UDX Team

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