GDC and the Winds of Fate

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Events | 0 comments

We were at GDC between Mar. 20 and Mar. 23, as usual the Game Developer’s Conference was a mad house with 10’s of thousands of game devs learning, sharing, meeting, collaborating, negotiating, competing, and much more!  We had many great meetings with publishers, investors, developers, and service providers.  We formed some great new relationships and fostered ones that we’ve had for awhile.

In general, Wheel of Fate was received well by those we met throughout the conference!  Had some very candid talks with creative leads, managers, and investors about what we are trying to accomplish and the resounding response was cautious optimism.  This was as good a response that could be expected considering we are in pre-alpha stages.  We will keep pushing and make Wheel of Fate the game we know it can be and turn some of the cautious optimism into solid support.

As we head in to PAX we are excited at the many prospective relationships that GDC opened up for us and can’t wait to get them going!!

~UDX Team

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