Wheel of Fate at Fan Expo Canada 2019

by | Aug 28, 2019 | Development, Events

Every year at the end of August, Fan Expo takes over the downtown core in Toronto! This year, we had the opportunity to showcase Wheel of Fate in front of thousands of people in Toronto’s geek community. 

Located in the gaming section of the con, right in between EB Games and the World Gaming Rocket League tournament stage, we set up our booth with 2 gameplay stations and a scenic backdrop for taking photos.  

From what we saw, it seemed like we were the only indie game at Fan Expo, and being one of the few RPGs showcasing a playable build, we had many people who had never heard of Wheel of Fate stop by and try the game! 

We’re happy to see that a lot of gamers were genuinely interested in our game – loving the direction Wheel of Fate is taking! Many people joined our Discord server at the event and became a part of our community. We received some amazing feedback from players and felt motivated to keep pushing through to the end!

It was a great expo, with many exciting moments! We had our marketing coordinator, Ashavari Joshi, in full cosplay, showcasing the rarest cloth armour in Wheel of Fate and sporting her favourite veikar horns. We also got a chance to try the deliciously viral cheesecake on a stick from Heirloom Toronto and had some fun playing Borderlands 3, fooling around in our masks. 

Overall, it was a great experience and we’d do it again! Next time we’ll have so much more than the alpha build we showed!

We’re launching on Kickstarter on September 9, 2019 and the best way to stay updated with our progress is to join our Discord server and sign up for our mailing list.

Stay tuned in those channels if you want to access our closed beta! 

~UDX Interactive Team

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