At its heart, Wheel of Fate is the story of a hero chosen by Fate, who is tasked with saving the world of Providence from the Fateless and the Affliction. You start out as a common adventurer and, as you face the many dangers of the Labyrinth, gradually become the mighty Avatar of Fate. Your progression actually mirrors that of the town  of Kismet’s Fall: from a small backwater town to the religious center of the world; think Vatican City or Mecca.

When you first set foot in Kismet’s Fall, the town has fallen on hard times: the buildings are run-down, trade is almost non-existant and the authorities are corrupt. Awakening the Temple of Fate revitalizes Kismet’s Fall; turning it into a boomtown. Naturally, as the Avatar of Fate, it falls to you to properly guide and protect this town. Do it well and its citizens will be happy and productive, which will be a great help throughout your journey.

Town management is an integral part of Wheel of Fate and you should view Kismet’s Fall in the same way as your companions. Think of your population as the town’s level and the buildings as your town’s gear or abilities. Like your flesh and blood companions, Kismet’s Fall will face hardships, grow and change. Like your companions, the town has a history, a purpose, a personal journey; and, with its interesting characters, unique look and hidden secrets, its very own personality. It is my hope that you enjoy your stay in Kismet’s Fall,as you hang up your sword and shield and settle in for a pint of ale at the Keg and Stein Tavern after a hard day of adventuring. Say hi to Silk for me.

May the Wheel spin in your favor,

François, Narrative Writer
UDX Interactive

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